Apple Valley Stream Restoration

Apple Valley is small community located just outside of the Town of Lyons, along the North St. Vrain Creek. During the 2013 Colorado Flood, the floodplain resulted in a loss of life and property. The design aimed to achieve flood recovery, improve the connectivity and habitat of the floodplain through stream restoration, and increase long-term flood resilience for future flood events.

Scott Shipley, the Co-Founder of Birch Ecology and the President of S2O Deisgn, along with the S2O Design team, completed all preliminary planning through the 30% design drawings for a 2.7-mile stretch of the Apple Valley Stream Restoration Project.  The design included channel realignments, braided overflow channels and expanded floodplain terraces.

Upon completion of the 30% design, S2O was awarded the Apple Valley South Design-Build contract for the .9 mile lower portion of the Apple Valley Stream Restoration Project. The design included the construction of habitat boulders, rootwads, hardened riffles and pools, controlled overflow channels, and vegetated floodplain terraces. The project was sustainably planted and seeded with native, riparian vegetation.

Project highlights

  • Encompassed in-stream habitat improvements and habitat structure design.
  • Included a detailed design report outlining recommended channel improvements.
  • Completed comprehensive 1D and 2D modeling of various alternative channel alignments and designs.
  • Directed extensive public outreach and participation with stakeholders and private landowners.
  • Accomplished preliminary planning, design, construction documentation, and construction oversight activities.
  • Completed all required Local, State and National permitting.

Project Construction Cost: $620,516

Key Staff: Scott Shipley, Nathan Werner, Christine Clark

Project Dates: September 2016- January 2018

Apple Valley 100712 pre flood
Apple Valley project area prior to the flood on October 7, 2012. Source: Google Earth
Apple Valley 100613 post flood
Apple Valley project area after the flood on October 6, 2013. Source: Google Earth
Hydraulic Model of North St. Vrain Creek through Apple Valley in Lyons, Colorado.
Apple Valley 05312018 overview
Aerial image of Apple Valley on May 31, 2018. Source: Google Earth
Apple Valley stream restoration
Photo Credit: Nathan Werner
Apple Valley Lyons Colorado
Photo Credit: Nathan Werner
Apple Valley boulders and woody debris
Photo Credit: Nathan Werner