Boulder Zen Center

The Chung Tai Zen Center of Boulder is a Buddhist Zen Center and Monastery to be located on a rural, 35-acre property east of the City of Boulder.  Birch Ecology has proudly supported Sopher Sparn Architects by serving as project ecologist for the Zen Center land use reviews and approvals through Boulder County.  Birch Ecology produced the Ecological Assessment and Wetland Delineation Report.  In addition, Birch prepared a detailed Revegetation and Weed Control Plan working with the project’s landscape architects, MARPA Landscape Architecture, and the engineers at JVA.  The project has been designed with a focus on environmental sensitivity and the goal of enhancing and protecting ecological resources in the project area. Birch worked with the engineering and design team to develop a plan that protects wetlands, riparian vegetation, and water quality, and to locate the proposed structures away from sensitive habitat types.  Birch also developed a detailed Integrated Weed Management Plan as a part of the Revegetation and Weed Control Plan, in support of the goals for minimizing pesticide use and organic farming within the Conservation Easement.

Zen Center Image
Zen Center designed by Sopher Sparn Architects of Boulder, Colorado.
Dev Plan with Veg Types Fig 9
Vegetation Type Map used for project planning and impact assessment.
Zen Center Pond
The wetlands and riparian habitats on the site will be protected and enhanced.
Zen Center McGinn Ditch PMJM Habitat Assessment
The habitat quality of the McGinn Ditch was evaluated to determine if Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse could be present.
Zen Center Wetland Meadow
The wetland meadow along the western edge of the site will be protected.
Agricultural operations will continue on the Conservation Easement north of the Zen Center.