Eagle Pipeline Restoration

In 2016, a natural gas pipeline was installed across approximately 5,500 linear feet of the Town of Eagle, Colorado’s Open Space.  Heather Houston served as the Town of Eagle’s restoration specialist and prepared a detailed reclamation plan for the pipeline’s reclamation contractors.  The plan included site-specific native seed mixes; detailed specifications for soil amendments and handling, erosion control, and noxious weed management; and a long-term monitoring plan with ecological performance standards. Dave Buscher, a certified professional soil scientist, was a significant contributor to this project. He conducted onsite soil sampling and provided recommendations for soil amendments based on laboratory nutrient analysis, as well as specifications for topsoil stripping and handling.  In addition, Heather and Dave worked onsite during project implementation and provided oversight of the revegetation process including acquisition of the native seed mixes, seedbed preparation, seeding, and hydromulching. The restoration area was seeded during the fall of 2016, and Birch continues to advise the Town of Eagle on noxious weed management along the pipeline corridor.

Abrams Creek Open Space, September 2016
Preparing to drill seed, Arroyo Trailhead, September 2016
Drill seeding on the Abrams Creek Open Space, September 2016
Hydromulching complete, Abrams Creek Open Space, September 2016