Stillwater Workforce Housing

The Eagle River Water & Sanitation District (ERWSD) is constructing employee housing, known as the Stillwater Workforce Housing Project, just south of the Eagle River in Edwards, Colorado.  In conjunction with this project, ERWSD is implementing a comprehensive Riparian Restoration and Enhancement Plan for the Stillwater project site.  Specifically, the riparian restoration focuses on the 75-foot stream setback from the Eagle River, known as the Riparian Enhancement Zone. In particular, the Eagle River Wetland located at the northern limit of the project area is to be restored and enhanced with native plantings, and areas impacted by past recreational use are to be revegetated.

Heather Houston of Birch Ecology completed the Wetland Delineation of the project site in 2016, and subsequently prepared the Riparian Restoration and Enhancement plan which will be implemented in 2019.  The plan includes detailed specifications for establishing native riparian vegetation throughout the Riparian Enhancement Zone.

In addition, Heather prepared the accompanying Riparian Management Plan which provides important guidelines and Best Management Practices for residents, managers, and visitors to Stillwater that will guide future management and use of the riparian corridor.  This comprehensive restoration project and development and implementation of the Riparian Management Plan illustrate ERWSD’s ongoing commitment to water quality protection and environmental sensitivity.

The photos below illustrate the pre-project condition and conceptual wetland planting plan prepared by Heather Houston and Dennis Anderson, Landscape Architect for the Stillwater Project.

Pre-project condition of the Eagle River Wetland 1
Pre-project condition of the Eagle River Wetland.
Pre-project condition of the Eagle River Wetland 2
Pre-project condition of the Eagle River Wetland.
Riparian Enhancement Zone before restoration
Riparian Enhancement Zone prior to restoration, lacking trees and shrubs.
Tamarisk Riparian Vegetation
Tamarisk, a state-listed noxious weed, is one of few riparian shrubs in the project area.
Landcape Plan by Dennis Anderson
Landscape plan drawn by Dennis Anderson, Landscape Architect.