Town of Minturn Fishing is Fun

Fishing is Fun grants are awarded by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to assist towns with improving fishing opportunities and access. In 2018, the township of Minturn acquired a Fishing is Fun grant for the design and construction of six fishing access points along the Eagle River. The grant will fund improvements to previous fishing hotspots; the construction of new river access points with ADA fishing platforms; as well as bank stabilization and habitat restoration efforts along the Eagle River. The overall goal of the project is to connect the community and visitors of Minturn to the Eagle River with thoughtfully-located and designed access points that afford opportunities to fish and enjoy the river’s edge.

Birch Ecology was brought on to the project to delineate wetlands and provide wetland permitting analysis and guidance. We assisted GPS Designs in refining the design boundaries of each access point with consideration to the existing wetlands. In doing so, we ensured that each site would avoid wetland impacts and the wetland permitting process, saving costs for the Town.  Several of the following images highlight “The Boneyard” – one of the six access points – to describe our collaborative process, from delineation to conceptual design. To read more on the Fishing is Fun project vision for Minturn, refer to this article posted by the Vail Daily. Birch Ecology enjoys opportunities to be involved in community-oriented projects and welcomes the chance to collaborate on other Fishing is Fun grants in Colorado.

Fishing is Fun Location Map Town of Minturn
This project location map highlights new and improved access points proposed along 2.09 miles of the Eagle River at Minturn. The project will provide ample opportunity to get close to the water and will make Minturn a great fishing destination.
Bellm Bridge
One of the six sites being improved through the Fishing is Fun project is just downstream of the Bellm Bridge, an iconic landmark in Minturn that provides views of the Eagle River in the heart of town. Enhanced river access will tie-in to the existing park and other public amenities of the site.
Eagle River at The Boneyard
Eagle River at "The Boneyard" site, view upstream. Designated access points will bring opportunities to experience the beautiful scenery of the Eagle River.
The Boneyard Wetland Map
Birch Ecology delineated the wetlands at each of the six project sites, including "The Boneyard" shown here. Knowing the extent of wetlands helps our partners to protect these valuable communities in the location, design, and construction of accessible riverside spaces.
Boneyard Wetland 2400 x 1600
"The Boneyard" wetland located on the left bank of the Eagle River.
The Boneyard Concept Plan
Concept sketch of The Boneyard site prepared by GPS Designs. This site will connect with the southeastern edge of Minturn, featuring stairs and ADA access on the bank of the river.
Maloit Park Wetland Delineation
Wetland delineation at Maloit Park, where Cross Creek flows into the Eagle River.