Planning & Design

Our collaborative design team works with our clients to create aesthetic and sustainable design solutions to achieve project goals in a cost-effective manner.

Habitat assessment for a proposed trail alignment in Minturn, Colorado.


Our team of experienced plant ecologists and landscape architects works collaboratively to develop native landscaping and planting plans.  Our ecological focus and detailed knowledge of native plants allow us to produce plans and design documents with appropriate seed mixes and planting specifications, resulting in structurally and biologically diverse plant communities.  We integrate our designs into the surrounding landscape to compliment existing vegetation, focusing on the creation of functioning ecological communities that can also serve as aesthetic amenities to enhance parks, neighborhoods, and recreation areas.

Planting plan for a wetland enhancement project in Eagle, Colorado.


Our plant ecologists have designed and created several ornamental wetlands for golf courses, neighborhoods and resorts.   These projects can serve multiple purposes, by providing aesthetic enhancements as well as fulfilling wetland mitigation requirements for permits issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Planting plan for a wetland demonstration garden in Winter Park, Colorado.


We have designed educational signs with illustrative photographs and graphics to compliment ecological restoration and enhancement projects.  These have focused on wetland functions, types of wetlands, wetland plant communities, fens, wetland soils, wildlife, and stream restoration projects.

Concept plan for an educational sign for an environmental education center in Winter Park, Colorado.


Our team of designers, landscape architects and engineers has considerable experience planning and designing river parks and riparian corridors.  Our ecological focus provides a balanced approach to protecting and enhancing the functions and values of river corridors while allowing for nature-based recreation experiences.  Trail design, revegetation and planting plans, access management, and the design and placement of amenities including in-stream features are key components of this process.

In addition, our team of ecologists frequently works with open space planners to design trail alignments and recreational facilities that minimize impacts to wetlands, riparian habitats, rare plants, and sensitive wildlife habitats.  We prepare the environmental studies to required to evaluate project impacts, then obtain the necessary permits and approvals needed to construct these facilities.

Bridge designed to minimize impacts to the sensitive riparian wetland corridor of Abrams Creek in Eagle, Colorado.



Management plans provide the foundation for the long-term protection of native habitats and open spaces.  We have developed several management plans for riparian corridors, parks, and native open spaces in Eagle County, Colorado.  These plans included specifications for vegetation management, integrated weed management, public access and use, water quality protections, management of pets and wildlife, trail design and maintenance, fishing access, as well as Best Management Practices for homeowners living near riparian areas.